CWSpace - Archiving MIT OpenCourseWare to MIT DSpace

A two-year grant from the MIT iCampus research program of the MIT-Microsoft Research Alliance, to the MIT Libraries.

[Image: MIT DSpace digital archive serving MIT OpenCourseWare content.]

MIT DSpace digital archive serving MIT OpenCourseWare content.

The MIT Libraries, in conjunction with MIT OpenCourseWare, from 2004 to 2006 conducted the research project CWSpace: archiving OpenCourseWare (OCW) materials to DSpace, the MIT Libraries' digital archive system.
The goals for the CWSpace project were twofold: 1) to digitally archive OpenCourseWare's educational content, and 2) to make it available to learning management systems via Web Services. The target platform was to use DSpace, the digital archiving system developed and maintained by the MIT Libraries.
MIT had two goals for its OpenCourseWare (OCW) initiative: to publish all of MIT's course materials (in the form of static course web sites) to the Web for world-wide free public access, and to make these course materials available to scholars and instructors for inspiration and reuse for the foreseeable future. OCW has achieved the first of these promises. The second has also been achieved through the use of DSpace, MIT's professionally managed and sustainable digital archiving system.

CWSpace Primary Project Goal

The teams at both OpenCourseWare and DSpace have implemented the necessary infrastructure to archive OCW web sites in DSpace, and have put this infrastructure into their production systems, as MIT's institutional solution for archiving MIT OCW materials.

CWSpace Secondary Project Goal

This project represents a major example of actually achieving interoperability of educational content on a large scale, using standards, as field tested at MIT on two production systems.
  • Interoperable Content: OCW content is now packaged for interoperation with a variety of teaching and learning systems, according to standards.
  • Web Services: OCW content can now be transported across the network amongst those systems, by means of a service oriented architecture developed using SOAP standards.
[Image: CWSpace: Interoperability. - Producer (OCW). - Archive (DSpace). - Consumers (other educational technologies).]

CWSpace: Interoperability.

  • Producer (OCW)
  • Archive (DSpace)
  • Consumers (other educational technologies).

Project Outcomes, Findings, Deliverables

For a summary description of project outcomes, findings, and deliverables please see the MIT iCampus pages on CWSpace.

Key Topics

Links to pages summarizing particular topics, with content from the research project wiki and document set:
Project Team: Principal Investigator, Ann Wolpert, Director of MIT Libraries. MacKenzie Smith, Rob Wolfe, Larry Stone, William Reilly.
MIT OpenCourseWare: Cec d'Oliveira, Executive Director, OpenCourseWare.
iCampus Joint Steering Committee, CWSpace sponsor: Prof. Hal Abelson
Research project wiki (primarily for project team).